Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Coghlan, Mrs Annie 11 11 5.00
Gold, Mrs Katherine 11 11 5.00


From The Western Daily Mercury, April 30 1912:
    "Shortly before the special train steamed out of the docks, two of the stewardesses who are returning to their homes – Mrs. Gold and Mrs. Martin [Coghlan) – granted a brief interview, in which they narrated their experiences. They were first-class stewardesses on the Titanic, and were both saved in No. 11 boat.
    “In No. 11 boat were seventy-five people, sixty-two being women."

From The Daily Mirror, April 30th 1912:
    "Before the train left, Mrs Annie Martin, of Portsmouth, who was a stewardess on board the Titanic and was saved with her colleague and friend, Mrs K. Gold, of Liverpool, on No.11 boat, told a “Daily Mirror” correspondent her thrilling story.
    And Mrs Martin says, “We had no lantern in the boat, and had to make a flare every ten minutes or so by lighting the end of a piece of rope.”

We know there was rope being burned in #11, per Brice, Angle and Jerwan.

Corroborated in The Hampshire Telegraph, May 8th 1912.