Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Chang, Mr Chip [WS List as Chang Chip] 13 (1) or C (4) 13 (1) or C (4) 3.95
Cheong, Mr Foo [WS List as Cheong Foo] 13 (1) or C (4) 13 (1) or C (4) 3.95
Fang, Mr Lang in the water
14 4.55
Lam, Mr 13 (1) or C (4) 13 (1) or C (4) 3.95
Lee, Mr Bing [WS List as Lee Bing] 13 (1) or C (4) 13 (1) or C (4) 3.95
Ling, Mr Hee 13 (1) or C (4) 13 (1) or C (4) 3.95


Various listing have different naming conventions for their names, care must be taken when discussing them to keep them straight.

Lang Fang told his son, Tom Fong, that he was rescued while clinging to a piece of floating wreckage.  Tom Fong's story coincides with George Crowe's American Inquiry testimony, page 616, about pulling an Oriental man into lifeboat #14.
    Mr. CROWE. Yes, sir; also a Japanese or Chinese young fellow that we picked up on top of some of the wreckage - it might have been a sideboard or table - that was floating around.

Four additional Chinese survivors stowed away in Collapsible C, per Bruce Ismay and George Rowe, and a fifth was saved in lifeboat #13, per Frederick Dent Ray. Which of these five men were in each of the two different lifeboats is unknown.