Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Cavendish, Mrs Julia Florence 6 6 5.00
Barber, Miss Ellen Mary 6 6 4.21


The Kingston (New York) Daily Freeman of April 29, 1912. Mrs. Cavendish clearly describes Peuchen's descent into her boat.
    "A Canadian, who stated that he could row, turned to a group of men on deck, who were watching the proceedings, and said: 'I can row, but if there is room for one more, let it be a woman.  I am not a coward.'  The women in the boat beseeched the man to row the boat for them and those on deck urged him to do so.  With a parting handclasp, he lowered hmself by a rope to the lifeboat and took his position there."

Since we know Major Peuchen was in #6, Mrs. Cavendish must be too.

The New York Times of May 4, 1912 says:  "Mrs. Cavendish and her maid were assisted into one of the lifeboats by Mr. Cavendish", however, since this is not a direct quote, we cannot say if Mrs.Cavendish related this.

Miss Barber was her maid.  We have written notes that say that the Kent & Sussex Courier newspaper of April 1912 states that Mrs Cavendish entered a lifeboat - accompanied by her maid.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to track down the original account itself, and therefore cannot be 100% positive she was in #6 with her employer.  But we do think it very likely.