Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Cavendish, Mrs Julia Florence 6 6 5.00
Barber, Miss Ellen Mary 6 6 5.00


The Kingston (New York) Daily Freeman of April 29, 1912. Mrs. Cavendish clearly describes Peuchen's descent into her boat.
    "A Canadian, who stated that he could row, turned to a group of men on deck, who were watching the proceedings, and said: 'I can row, but if there is room for one more, let it be a woman.  I am not a coward.'  The women in the boat beseeched the man to row the boat for them and those on deck urged him to do so.  With a parting handclasp, he lowered hmself by a rope to the lifeboat and took his position there."

Since we know Major Peuchen was in #6, Mrs. Cavendish must be too.

The New York Times of May 4, 1912 says:  "Mrs. Cavendish and her maid were assisted into one of the lifeboats by Mr. Cavendish", however, since this is not a direct quote, we cannot say if Mrs.Cavendish related this.

A further confirmation of Miss Barber appears in the July 11, 1958 account of the Gazette and Post, which gives us Miss Barber's own account of her escape.  The account says:
    "Together with Mrs. Cavendish, she climbed into Lifeboat Number Six with 28 other people."  Miss Barber herself relates "The plug in the bottom was out.  This was only noticed just as it was about to be dropped into the water.  If this had happened we would all have drowned.  Luckily, someone shouted at the last minute, and it was found and put in.  Mrs. Cavendish, who took an oar herself, sat throughout the night with her foot over the plug so that it would not come out."  The account continues "Also in boat number six was the wife of a millionaire, Mrs. Rothschild."

Miss Barber was Mrs. Cavendish's maid. We are also sure Mrs. Rothschild was in #6.  Miss Barber's account confirms to us that she was in #6, along Mrs. Cavendish