Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Carter, Mr William Ernest Collapsible C Collapsible C 5.00
Carter, Mrs Lucile 4 4 5.00
Carter, Miss Lucile Polk 4 4 5.00
Carter, Master William Thornton 2nd 4 4 5.00
Serreplan, Miss Augustine 4 4 5.00


Mr. Carter was mentioned by Bruce Ismay, when describing the people in his lifeboat, Collapsible C (American Inquiry page 17) said:
   Senator SMITH.  And how many men were in the lifeboat with you? 
   Mr. ISMAY.  Oh, I could not tell.  I suppose nine or ten.
   Senator SMITH.  Do you know who they were?
   Mr. ISMAY.  I do not. Mr. [William] Carter, a passenger, was one.

Quartermaster Rowe, at the British Inquiry, Questions 17631 to 17634, says:
 17631. Who were the two gentlemen who got in? - One was Mr. Ismay.
 17632. And who was the other? - I never saw the man before.
 17633. You do not know his name now? - Well, I know by the papers.
 The Commissioner: Let me know his name.
 17634. (The Attorney-General.) I think from the American evidence it is a Mr. Carter? - Yes; Mr. Carter.

Regarding the rest of the Carter family, 1st Class passenger Martha Stephenson, in her account written after the disaster (On Board RMS Titanic, pages 403-406) related:
    “On reaching the A deck we could see, for the decks were lighted by electricity, that a boat was lowered parallel to the windows; those were opened, and a steamer chair put under the rail for us to step on. The ship had listed badly by that time and the boat hung far out from the side so that some of the men said, “No woman could step across that space.” A call was made for a ladder on one of the lower decks, but before it ever got there we were all in the boat. Whether they had drawn the boat over with boathooks nearer the side I do not know, but the space we easily jumped with the help of two men in the boat.
The only gentleman I remember seeing at all was Colonel Astor, who was stepping through the window just in front of me when the crew said, “Step back, sir; no men in this boat.”
    He remarked that he wanted to take care of his wife, but on being told again that no men could go, he called “Goodbye” and said he would follow in another boat, asking the number of our boat, which they said was “No. 4.”

    “We found ourselves in the boat with …… Mrs. Carter, her two children and maid”