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Bucknell, Mrs Emma Eliza
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Philadelphia Inquirer of April 20, 1912, account of Mrs. Bucknell:
    "It was tragic. I have known how to row for a great many years as the result of much time spent in the Adirondacks and I slipped into the seat beside a man and showed him how to work the oar. The Countess Rothes and her maid, both of them expert oarswomen, followed me in this as did another woman of about 40 years, who was in the boat, and we began the long pull towards the light.”

Atlanta Journal of April 20, 1912:
    “Finally came a little Spanish bride.  She was the only hysterical woman in my boat, the second to leave the ship, and the parting, on her honeymoon, from the husband of a few days proved more than she could stand.
    Three seaman and a steward, who had been assigned to my boat, took the places and we cast off.”

Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, unknown date:
"We rowed all night. I took an oar and sat beside the Countess of Rothes. Her maid had an oar and so did mine."

There was virtually no discussion regarding which boat Mrs. Bucknell and her maid were in.  Her description of the Countess of Rothes, Mrs. Penasco (the Spanish bride), and in another account of Mrs. White and her cane with its electric light, all placed them in boat 8.