Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Rockford Republic, April 25, 1912:
"Ingvar and Kurt led me to a boat and Ingvar lifted me into it... As it went down, I looked up. There, looking over the rail, stood Kurt and Ingvar side by side...  The water filled with crying people. Some of them climbed into our boat and so saved their lives."

This implies some kind of railing existed on the ship, which existed on A deck. The fact that her boat apparently picked up people from the water suggests it might have been boat #4, which had been filled with passengers from over the railing on A deck.

Other lists suggest #12 or #14, however we found no evidence of that.  We did examine Collapsible C or D, which also were loaded over a railing, however C did not pick up anyone from the water.  Collapsible D did, and was felt to be a possibility.