Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Brown, Mrs Margaret 6 6 5.00
Mayn�, Mlle Berthe Antonine 6 6 5.00


Margaret Brown's Newport Herald account talks about both her and Berthe
Mayn�'s (called Madame DeVallier) entry into the lifeboat.
    "We found the lifeboats there were being lowered from the falls and were at that time flush with the deck. Madame
DeVallier, of Paris, appeared from below in a night dress and evening slippers with no stockings, over which she wore a woolen motor coat. She clutched at my arm and in a terrified voice said she was going below for her money and
jewels. After much persuasion I prevailed upon her not to go down but to get into the boat. As she hesitated and became very excited, I told her it was all only a precaution and she would be able to return to the then-sinking steamer later. After she got on, I turned and found the lady of my party in a lowering boat. I was walking away eager to see what was being done with the boats on the other side, not fearing any immediate danger, thinking if the worst should happen I could swim out. Suddenly I saw a shadow, and a few seconds later I was taken hold of, and with the words, �You are going, too,� I was dropped
fully four feet into the lowering life-boat. When I got in, on looking around I saw but one man, who was in charge of the boat.
....  The only seaman in our boat was the quartermaster. He was at the rudder, and standing much higher than we were.  He was shivering like an aspen."

The quartermaster she mentions was Robert Hichens.  She later describes Hichen's complaints as he stood at the tiller.