Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Brown, Mr Edward Collapsible A 14 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Edward Brown
    10560. After you had been in the water for some time did you see a black object? - Yes, I saw a black object.
    10566. Did that black object prove to be a collapsible boat? - Yes.
    10567. I think it was half submerged, was it not? - Yes, submerged with the weight of men on it.
    10568. How many people were there on it? - I should say there were 16 or 17 on it.
    10569. You used the expression “with the weight of men on it.” Were they men or were they some women? - They were all men then, Sir. The women we had on it were picked up after I got aboard of it.
    10570. Did you get on to that collapsible boat? - I did.
    10571. Did you remain on it? - I remained on it.

    10578. I believe next day, to go on a little further, you first of all were picked up by No. 14 boat? - Yes.
    10579. And taken to the “Carpathia,” were you not? - Yes.

All of the people on Collapsible A (the overturned collapsible) were taken onto lifeboat 14.