Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Brereton, Mr George Andrew 15 15 3.44
Homer, Mr Henry Haven 15 15 3.44
Romaine, Mr Charles Hallace 15 15 3.44


Many newspaper interviews claimed these men went into the water, and one interview with Brereton claimed he was later picked up by Third Officer Pitman (in lifeboat #5.) These reports do not appear to be true.

One of the three surviving professional gamblers said in the
New York Sun for April 28, 1912:
    "We went down to the lower deck, and as we arrived a lifeboat was being launched from the upper deck... It was our only chance and we took it. Seven stokers jumped with us."

The interview's lifeboat supposedly taking on passengers from A Deck indicates an aft starboard lifeboat.  Bill Wormstedt's research on these boats shows that four definite (and possibly as many as ten) stokers, firemen and trimmers were in lifeboat #15. The other lifeboats in that quarter were likely quite a few less. 

From the London Globe & Traveler, April 19, 1912, Harry Homer said,
    "I myself went reluctantly in No. 15."

Since the three gamblers were apparently together during the entire evacuation, lifeboat #15 seems to be a likely candidate for all three men.