Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Bowerman, Miss Elsie Edith 6 6 5.00
Bowker, Miss Ruth 6 6 5.00
Chibnall, Mrs Edith Martha 6 6 5.00
Meyer, Mrs Leila G. 6 6 5.00
Rothschild, Mrs Elizabeth Jane Anne 6 6 5.00
Smith, Mrs Mary Eloise 6 6 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Arthur Peuchen, page 342
    Senator SMITH.  The other two women who handled the oars you do not know?
    Maj. PEUCHEN.  I do not know their names.
    Senator SMITH.  Do you know any other passengers on your lifeboat?
    Maj. PEUCHEN.  There are several who put their names on the back of that card [indicating].
    Senator SMITH.  Can you read them?
    Maj. PEUCHEN.  Mrs. Walter Clark, 2155 West Adams Street, Los Angeles, Cal.; Miss E. Bowerman, Thorncliff, St. Leonards-on-Sea, England; Mrs. Lucien P. Smith, Huntington, W. Va.; Mrs. Martin Rothschild, 753 West End Avenue, New York; Mrs. Tyrell Cavendish, Driftwood, Monmouth; Mrs. Edgar J. Mayer, 158 West Eighty-sixth Street, New York; Mrs. Walter Douglas, Deepshaven, Mass.; Mrs. G. G. Brown, Denver.

The Toronto Star of April 19, 1912 lists additional names from Peuchen's card, including "Miss R. Broker" [Bowker].  Peuchen did not give these additional names to the American Inquiry.

Peuchen's statement has a number of errors in it.  Mrs. Clark was in #4, not #6.  Mrs. Walter Douglas (Mahala) was in #2, Mary Hélène Douglas was in #6.  Mrs. G. G. Brown should be Mrs. J. J. Brown.

Mrs. Chibnall's press article in the April 19, 1912 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer says that she and her daughter [Miss Bowerman] were rescued in the first boat launched (we assume this means on her side of the ship).

We feel confident in our placement of the six women at the top of this being in lifeboat #6.