Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Bishop, Mr Dickinson H. 7 7 5.00
Bishop, Mrs Helen Margaret 7 7 5.00
Greenfield, Mr William Bertram 7 7 5.00
Greenfield, Mrs Blanche 7 7 5.00


Dickinson Bishop’s testimony at the American Inquiry ties these people together in #7 (page 1002 & 1003):
    Senator SMITH.  Did you know anything about the people in your lifeboat, except yourselves?  Did you know any of them except your wife?
    Mr. BISHOP.  Yes; the French aviator - they called him "Marshall" - was in our boat.  I could not pronounce his name.
    Senator SMITH.  Anybody else?
    Mr. BISHOP.  Mr. Greenfield, with his mother, living in New York.

    Senator SMITH.  Were there any children in that boat?
    Mr. BISHOP.  There was a woman with her baby transferred from another lifeboat, I think.
    Senator SMITH.  That is, after you reached the water?
    Mr. BISHOP.  After the Titanic had sunk.
    Senator SMITH.  After the sinking?
    Mr. BISHOP.  Yes, sir.

    Senator SMITH.  Do you know, of your own knowledge, that lifeboat No. 7, in which Mrs. Bishop and yourself left the Titanic, was the first boat lowered on the starboard side?
    Mr. BISHOP.  It was.  We had been on the boat deck in the neighborhood of 10 minutes, watching them prepare the boats for lowering.  At that time there were very few people up on deck, and from the testimony I have heard, and from what I have heard, it seems there were a good many people who did not get onto the boat deck until after they had started lowering the boats.

Mrs. Bishop also relates the same things (American Inquiry page 999):
    Senator SMITH.  Tell me which lifeboat you refer to? 
    Mrs. BISHOP.  The first lifeboat that was taken off the Titanic on the starboard side.  I think it was No. 7.  Officer Lowe told us that. 

    Mrs. BISHOP.  Among those there were several unmarried men in our boat, I noticed, and three or four foreigners in our boat.  After we had been out in the water about 15 minutes - the Titanic had not yet sunk - five boats were gathered together, and five people were put into our boat from another one, making 33 people in our boat. 
    Senator SMITH.  Do you know from what boat these persons were transferred to your boat?
    Mrs. BISHOP.  No; I can not say.  The man in charge was an officer with a mustache.  I have never seen him since.

Mr. Bishop specifies boat #7, and says they were the first boat launched and that they received passengers from another boat. Mrs. Bishop also says #7, and also describes the passenger transfers  The boat she describes getting five people from is #5, officered by the mustached Third Officer Pitman.