Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Bentham, Miss Lillian W. 12 12 5.00
Renouf, Mrs Lillian Elizabeth 12 12 5.00
Rugg, Miss Emily 12 12 5.00


Miss Emily Rugg, in an account in The Evening Journal, on April 20th 1912, told how she had stayed with Mrs Renouf and Miss Lillian Bentham “through the whole shipwreck.” 
    “All we could see was the deck around our own lifeboat and the neighbouring boat. The lights remained burning until after we left the ship, but I think they went out before the Titanic sank.” She said her boat, which bore the figure ‘No.12’ painted on it, was the second from last launched, but there was a great deal of difficulty in lowering it, and she feels certain in her own mind that it was the very last boat to touch the water and leave the ship.”

Miss Rugg said that her boat recovered twenty passengers from a “collapsible lifeboat they were using as a raft since it would not open properly to be used as a boat.”

In the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, April 15th 1931, she said, "Toward morning we came upon one of the collapsible canvas boats, in a sinking condition, with about 20 men on it. They were huddled together, stiff and cold, absolutely helpless.”

Mrs. Rugg's account was corroborated in The Morning Sun, Wilmington Delaware, April 20th 1912.

In a letter to Walter Lord, written on July 23rd 1958, Miss Bentham, then Mrs Black, said that she was in boat 12 with Miss Emily Rugg.

Mrs. Renouf, in the Guernsey Evening Press for May 1st, 1912, says: 
    “Was forced into the boat by her husband and brothers. There were only thirty in the boat at first, but later thirty more were picked up from a raft.”