Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Becker, Mrs Nellie Elizabeth
11 11 5.00
Becker, Master Richard F.
11 11 5.00
Becker, Miss Marion Louise
11 11 5.00
Becker, Miss Ruth Elizabeth
13 13 5.00

Dowagiac Daily News of April 21, 1912:
    “Mrs. Becker and the two younger children managed to get into lifeboat No. 11 and were picked
up after drifting around for several hours. Her oldest daughter Ruth was placed in boat 13 and
managed to reach the Carpathia before her mother arrived.”

Another account by Ruth to St. Nicholas Magazine, 1913 (reprinted in On Board RMS Titanic, page 192):
    "We heard them sending off rockets for help and the band was playing. Soon, an officer came and told us all to come and get into the lifeboats. We went. My mother, brother and sister got into one lifeboat and then they said it was all for this boat. So mother told me to get into the next one. I got into another boat and when they were lowering it, another one nearly came down on top of us.”

There was virtually no discussion about the boats the Beckers were rescued in as all members of the group were so familiar with Ruth Becker Blanchard’s story from her many interviews. Her account never changed over the years and it was clear she was in lifeboat 13, and that her mother and siblings had been placed in the boat immediately preceding it, number 11. The
above articles are merely quoted as independent verification of what Ruth recalled.