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Beattie, Thomson A (died in lifeboat)


An uncredited newspaper report says:
    "With the arrival of the White Star liner Oceanic yesterday, from Southampton, with a collapsible boat, picked up at sea on Monday, stowed on her upper deck, the last of the Titanic's boats has been accounted for.  In it were found the three bodies that were left there at 4 a.m. on Monday April 15, by Fifth Officer Lowe of the Titanic, when he took twenty men and one woman into his boat.
    At one end of the boat was the body, apparently, of a fireman, sitting on the thwart with one hand twisted on the bight of a chain.  At the other end there was the body of a sailor and the body of a man in evening dress, which Mr. [Richard] Williams believes to be that of Thomson Beattie of Chicago."

Archibald Gracie wrote in his book The Truth about the Titanic:
     "One of the bodies found in this boat was that of Mr. Thompson Beattie. We got his watch and labels from his clothes showing his name and that of the dealer, which we sent to the executor."

Beattie was buried at sea from the Oceanic.