Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Banski, Mrs Marija   [booked under her maiden name of Osman]
12 (3 votes)
10 or 12 (3 votes)
? (3 votes)
12 (3 votes)
10 or 12 (3 votes)
? (3 votes)


The Daily News (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) ยท May 29 1912 says:
    "She states that she was rescued in a boat in which there were 45 people, all of whom were women excepting two oarsmen.  She praised in most enthusiastic language the generosity of the first and second class passengers."

This generally fits #12. We can safely guess that she was in one of the aft boats, given her class and the number she said were in the boat. We rule out #15, #13 and #11 based on the number of people, and #9, which had multiple crewmen aboard. Boats #16 and #14 don't fit, but #12 does, since her total for the number aboard is close to what Poingdestre gave for when it was lowered, before more were transferred aboard from #14 and Collapsible B. It is not a super strong case though.

We also have to consider boat #10.  The two seamen from this boat, Buley and Evans, were taken by Lowe to assist with #14, and so quite a few people in the boat referred to the boat only having one or two men to man it.  Both boats 10 and 12 had other men on board, either stowaways, or men picked up from the water, but Mrs Banski makes no mention of them, and she makes no mention of anything that happened specific to #12. Actually, she says nothing specifically relating to #10 either.

But she does mention first and second class passengers. Were these people in her boat, or were they people who provided care and support on the Carpathia? There were first class and second passengers in #10, but we were not able to find any for #12.

We were split as to whether Mrs. Banski / Osman was in #12, or #10, or an unknown lifeboat.