Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Ball, Mrs Ada Elizabeth 10 10 4.33


From the
Florida Times, April 23, 1912; & the Jacksonville Metropolis, April 23, 1912
One baby (at least) and a number of children were in her boat. Her boat was towed by another (indicating one of Lowe's Flotilla, or possibly collapsible D, which we know was towed by #14?). Water was in the bottom of her lifeboat. Women did most (if not all) of the rowing. Handkerchiefs were burned, a man possessed a matchbox, and a crew member was ordered out of the lifeboat back on board."

From the
Baltimore Evening Sun April 20, 1912:
Ball describes a woman falling between the deck and the lifeboat but eventually being pulled in.

We feel that much of the evidence, and especially the woman falling between the deck and the lifeboat, more likely refers to #10 than any other lifeboat.