Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Backström, Mrs Maria Mathilda 12? 12? 3.50


From Hufstadsbladet, May 11th 1912, and confirmed by Hangö-Bladet, May 14th 1912.
rs Backström  said that “the boat carried people from 3 other boats, which had capsized. It was now so overcrowded that you did not have room to sit but stood all the time until you were admitted to Carpathia, which happened first between 9 o'clock the following morning.

The Titanic Commutator 106 has the article “"The Finnish Emigrants of the Titanic.” It states “Maria Backström was reluctant to leave her husband but he managed to get her in a lifeboat by promising that he would follow her shortly.”

She said that her boat carried people from three other boats. This suggests she was in one of the boats that tied up – 4, 10, 12, 14 or D. She also spoke of men on a collapsible boat which narrows that down further to 4, 12 and D. We don’t believe she was transferred from one boat to another, but stayed in the same boat all night, and had people transferred into her boat. That rules out 14.

Maria talks about being rescued at 9.00am. This is what is suggesting she was most likely was in #12.

A couple of other points.  Mrs Backstrom mentions children in her boat, who were transferred into it, and who were separated from their parents. She also mentions a dead man. A single dead man is suggestive of #12 (the dead man transferred in by Lightoller from Collapsible B), but she could have been in #4 and only seen one dead body of the several therein.

What do we conclude? Maria’s accounts include information that suggests she could have been in lifeboat 4, lifeboat 12 or collapsible D.  But due to the crowded boat, the single body and late arrival as evidence, we go for #12.