Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Ba qlini, Mrs Marijam Latif
Collapsible C Collapsible C 2.39
Ba qlini, Miss Eugenie [child] Collapsible C Collapsible C 2.39
Ba qlini, Miss Mariya Katarin [child] Collapsible C Collapsible C 2.39
Ba qlini, Miss Hileni Barbarah [infant] Collapsible C Collapsible C 2.39


Letter written by Isabel Ba qlini in 1987 to Don Lynch:
    "According to Isabel Ba qlini, daughter of Mrs Ba qlini, born after the disaster, her mother did not know what was happening, and was found huddled in one of the dining rooms by a steward. He escorted them on deck, but Mrs Ba qlini refused to leave unless Adal Zajib Qiyamah, a travelling companion was allowed to go in the boat with them. As a result, the group left in the last lifeboat, which was close to the ship when it foundered. Mrs Ba qlini claimed the boat was nearly sucked down by the suction."

In later life, Marija Ba qlini claimed she heard gunshots at her lifeboat.

In view that the family were near the Titanic as it sank, the group felt that it was likely that they left in either collapsible C or D. Mention of gunshots is suggestive of collapsible C, and therefore the group felt it more likely that the family left in collapsible C, than collapsible D. However, the absence of more definite evidence prevents a more confident decision being made.