Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Andrews, Miss Kornelia Theodosia 10 10 5.00
Hogeboom, Mrs Anna Louisa 10 10 5.00
Longley, Miss Gretchen Fiske 10 10 5.00


The three ladies were traveling together on the Titanic, Miss Andrews and her sister Mrs. Hogeboom, and their niece Miss Longley.

In a letter written on the Carpathia, as she returned the Titanic survivors to New York, Miss Andrews wrote:
     "When we reached the deck they were commencing to fill a lifeboat, and there was such a great crowd before us that we waited until the fourth boat. They called out for men who could row to jump in. One man was a Chinese and the other an Armenian. They didn’t know how to row and both became seasick. So Gretchen took an oar on one side with one sailor and two or three women on the other.
    The boat next to us put a lot of their passengers in our lifeboat, and then they picked up 17 out of the water. Two died almost immediately and one went mad.”

This proves she was in #10 (one of “Lowe’s Flotilla), and received people out of #14, as Lowe emptied it out. The Chinese was Masabumi Hosono, and the Armenian, Neshan Krekorian.

We are convinced these three ladies were in #10.