Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Andersson, Mr August Edvard A 14 5.00
Jansson, Mr Carl Olof
A 14 5.00


Carl Jansson’s April 17, 1912 letter to his family states:
     “The big boat sank with a great explosion and the only thing to do was to jump into the water.  ...We were two Swedish boys, I myself and a journalist named August Suderssou [Andersson] from Ystad. We fought side by side and finally found a raft, torn loose from the ship which we clung firmly to. …… wild struggle …….there were only 11 alive.”  (An alternate translation of this letter appears in Voyage magazine #12).

August Andersson interview, Nordstjernan, New York, April 23, 1912:
    “I and a few friends were thrown up on the just lowered lifeboat, which was cast loose in the water. ….. After about half an hour about fifty of us manage to get up in the boat which was still filled with water……. Only twelve of us were left of the 150(?) who had clung fast in the beginning. …… We left our dear water-filled and damaged craft with three dead bodies that we had not thrown overboard.”

Despite a few unusual statements, Andersson's and Jansson's description fits perfectly Collapsible A, whose surviving passengers were later picked up by Fifth Officer Lowe in lifeboat #14.