Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Anderson, Mr James 3 3 3.83
Pascoe, Mr Charles H. 8


Seaman Charles Pascoe does not mention his boat number in his account of the sinking, but he does say that there "was room for forty more in the boat in which he had left". (Western Morning News, April 29, 1912) From Seaman Thomas Jones’ testimony it's clear that there was another "sailor" besides himself in #8, although he does not name him. Boat #8 left the ship with twenty-five people aboard, leaving forty seats unoccupied. Pascoe’s description fits this boat.

James Anderson is not mentioned by name as having been in lifeboat #3, but George Moore’s testimony shows that there was another seaman in that boat with him (American Inquiry page 561). Since all the other surviving members of the Deck Department can be placed in other boats by the evidence (including Pascoe), the process of elimination makes it likely that Anderson was the unnamed seaman in boat #3.