Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
 Anderson, Mr Harry 3 3 2.40


An alleged letter supposedly written by Orian Davidson.says:
"There were several crewmen in our boat, as well as men passengers who assisted in the steering and rowing. The praise for Mr. (Harry) Anderson, Mr. (Fred) Spedden, Mr. (Albert) Dick, Mr. (Harry) Harper, Mr. Staylin (Max Staehelin-Maeglin), Mr. Framonis (Alfonos Simonius-Bulmer), Mr. (Robert) Daniel and Mr. Hallsford (Walter Hawksford) were unmistakable. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Spedden were expert sailors who have been to sea before no doubt".

Mrs. Davidson was in boat #3, but the full text of her (alleged) letter has never been made public by its (alleged) owner, nor has anyone seen the original letter itself.
Mrs. Davidson's niece, who knew her well, was unaware of any account written by Mrs. Davidson.

Since we have no real assurance that the Davidson letter ever existed in the first place, we're forced to give Harry Anderson a very tentative 2.40 for having (possibly) been in lifeboat #3.