Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Andersen, Miss Carla Christine Nielsine   16 16 3.78


An account taken from a Scandinavian paper (partly quoted at])
    "Everyone was silent and serious," she continued, "so nobody was shot down, on the other hand, I saw a man firing a revolver in the air, and it was to stop a few people who pushed forward..."
    All the boats sailed from the steamer in different directions; We only met one of them through the night...
    We were as many as we could be in the boat - approx. 50-60 - of which only 7 men were in addition to one weak male passenger, aged 16-17 years."

Note that Fifth Officer Lowe fired shots at boat #14, which was right next to boat #16 on the boat deck.  And that #16 met up with only one other boat during the night.

A Portuguese interview in Fyens Stiftstidende, May 14, 1912, with Carla Andersen relates:
    "As the boat 16 moved away from the Titanic, the orchestra still played..."

However, we do not know if the "16" mentioned here refers to the number of the boat, or the order that the lifeboat was lowered.

Estimates of the number of people in #16 vary, but a good estimate (see appears to be 53, in the same range as mentioned in the article listed above.

We cannot be sure, but #16 could likely be the boat Miss Andersen left in.