Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Allen, Miss Elisabeth Walton 2
Kreuchen, Miss Emilie 2
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra 2
Robert, Mrs Elisabeth Walton 2


Elisabeth Allen letter in The Truth about the Titanic, by Archibald Gracie.
    "We were rowed round the stern to the starboard side and away from the ship, as our boat was a small one and Boxhall [who commanded boat #2] feared the suction. Mrs. Cornell helped to row all the time...
    We rowed back, after the Titanic was under water, toward the place where she had gone down, but we saw no one in the water, nor were we near enough to any other lifeboats to see them. When Boxhall lit his first light the screams grew louder and then died down." 
    “We were in the first boat to be picked up by the Carpathia [i.e. boat #2], but we were not on the first one to leave the Titanic.” 

St Louis Republic, April 24, 1912, Miss Allen account:
    "The lifeboat in which Miss Allen and her kinswomen escaped was under command of Fourth Officer Boxhall. The officer was averse to taking a place in the boat, and it was not until Captain Smith issued a command and explained that there were not sufficient men in the boat to man it that Boxhall took his place...
    Before the boat was lowered Fourth Officer Boxhall jumped back on deck and secured a number of green torches, Miss Allen said, which were burned most of the night and which attracted the attention of the Carpathia."

Atlantic City Daily Press, April 23, 1912:
    "My sister, Georgette [Madill] and Miss Allen were taken off in one of the last boats with the fourth officer in charge," 

Syracuse Herald, April 21, 1912, Miss Allen account:
    "But finally we decided to get in, the three of us and my aunt’s maid. The boat was filled and they swung us out over the side and down slowly. We had just four seamen and an officer."

San Francisco Chronicle, March 29 1971:
    "Miss Kreuchen told relatives she first knew the ship was in trouble when she stepped from her quarters into a passageway filled with water, and went to the purser to ask what was wrong. She was told to return to quarters while parts of the ship were blocked off to slow the flow of water.  She said she was summoned to a lifeboat by a whistle, and shared the open boat with 20 other passengers. Their lifeboat was found shortly after daybreak."

Miss Allen, Miss Madill, Mrs. Roberts and her maid Miss Kreuchen, all boarded #2 together.