Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Allen, Mr Ernest Frederick G. Collapsible B
4 or 12 4.00


From The Southampton Echo, 1964 (date?), and reproduced in the Commutator Vol 1, No. 9, June 1965.
    " 'Now men, it is all for yourselves - and God bless you all... '
     Those were his very words," Mr. Allen told me gravely. 'And I have never forgotten them!'
     With the Captain's words still ringing in his ears, Mr. Allen, who was a strong swimmer, jumped onto the bulwark and dived over the side. In the water, he passed scores of people struggling and swimming. He particularly remembers a young girl who called out to him as he passed her floundering on her own: 'Save me! Save me! I'm only a child!'
     'But what could I do?' exclaimed Mr. Allen. 'In the water, it was a case of every one for himself...'
     After swimming for about 14 minutes, he saw a black object floating ahead of him. He struck out for it, with renewed strength, and discovered it was a collapsible boat which had broken away from the Chart-house. He grabbed at a dangling rope and pulled himself up. He discovered that about twenty or thirty other members of the crew were also clinging to this life-saver."
Since he was obviously on Collapsible B, he must have transferred to either #4 or #12, but we have no evidence of one versus the other.