Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Al-Za inni, Mr Fahim Ruhanna 6 6 4.53


Mr. Al-Za inni is also known by several other names - Fabini Lenni, or Phillip Zenni.

From the
Niles Daily News, April 25, 1912:
    "He took refuge under one of the seats and the boat was pulled away. There were twenty women and three men in the boat and in order to escape from the suction of the great ship those in the boat realized that it was necessary to row quickly... An incident which tends to prove the utter selfishness of shallow-minded people is related by the young man. When the survivors were being raised into the Carpathia a woman who was in his lifeboat pleaded with him to save her dog, which she had clasped tightly in her arms since leaving the "Titanic." Zanni informed her politely that human beings came first and the clung desperately to the little animal until someone lifted her to the deck of the boat."

Several people in boat 6 talked about an "Italian" boy who made an appearance after the boat left the ship, which ties to his account.  Many of the Southern Europeans on the Titanic were mistaken for Italians, of which there were very few on board.

Mrs. Rothschild and her small dog are known to have been in lifeboat #6. We also know #6 had three men - Fleet, Peuchen and Hichens, and that the Wormstedt/Fitch estimate of #6's total occupants is 24, which is a very close match to Zenni's own count.