Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Abelseth, Mr Olaus Jørgensen   A


American Inquiry
Testimony of Olaus Abelseth, Page 1038 & 1040
    "When we jumped off of the ship, we had life preservers on. There was no suction from the ship at all. I was lying still, and I thought "I will try to see if I can float on the life belt without help from swimming," and I floated easily on the life belt.
    When I got on this raft or collapsible boat, they did not try to push me off and they did not do anything for me to get on. All they said when I got on there was, "Don't capsize the boat." So I hung onto the raft for a little while before I got on.
    Some of them were trying to get up on their feet. They were sitting down or lying down on the raft. Some of them fell into the water again. Some of them were frozen; and there were two dead, that they threw overboard.
    I got on this raft or collapsible boat and raised up, and then I was continually moving my arms and swinging them around to keep warm. There was one lady aboard this raft, and she got saved.

    Senator SMITH.  Were you on the top of the overturned collapsible boat?
    Mr. ABELSETH.  No. The boat was not capsized. We were standing on the deck. In this little boat the canvas was not raised up. We tried to raise the canvas up but we could not get it up. We stood all night in about 12 or 14 inches of water on this thing and our feet were in the water all the time. I could not say exactly how long we were there, but I know it was more than four hours on this raft.

Rhoda Abbott was the woman on collapsible A.