Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Abelseth, Miss Karen Marie      16?
16? 2.00


"I was the last who went in that lifeboat, and there was only one lifeboat left..." 
[Note: As can be seen, no specific lifeboat number is mentioned here.]

Interview source: Sondmoorsposten, May 28, 1912:
    "At 6 o’clock we saw a ship far away, and then we were very glad as you can imagine. We came alongside the ship at 7 o’clock..." [Note: We don't know if Miss Abelseth's watch was set correctly, but the lifeboat arrival sequence on page 144 of Samuel Halpern's Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic: A Centennial Reappraisal estimates that boat #16 reached the Carpathia at around 6:45 a.m.]

Paraphrased account from the Los Angeles Times, April 23, 1912:
Edwin Lundstrom stated that he was on deck with a group of fellow steerage passengers including the Klasens, the Sandstroms, Karen Abelseth, Hilda Hillstrom and Elida Olsson. He claimed to have put the Sandstroms in the '13th boat', and saw the rest of them up to the next boat, and was pushed back. [Note: This description suggests Miss Abelseth might have been in boat #15, but the specific details are hazy.]
Source of this information:  TITANIC: 31 Norwegian Destinies, by Per Kristian Sebak.
    Karen Abelseth is said to have arrived on deck just as boat #14 was departing. She is also said to have claimed she was the last passenger to enter boat #16. [Note: Scarrott and Morris both testified that boat #16 left the ship before #14, not vice versa).

Although Miss Abelseth might have been in boat #16, other possibilities exist as well.