Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Abbott, Mrs Rhoda Collapsible A 14 5.00


Herts Advertiser & St. Albans Times, Saturday 4th May 1912:
Leading Fireman T, Threlfall, one of the Titanic survivors, who was in boat No. 14, in the course of a narrative told to a pressman on landing at Plymouth, said:  'From the wreckage we picked up four men. Then Mr. Lowe called out, 'There's a boat sinking over there.' Although we were then towing a collapsible boat with about eighty people in her we reached the sinking boat just as the water was up to her gunwale and took twenty-six men and one woman, a Mrs. Abbott off her. I held the woman in my arms till we reached the Carpathia.' "

This account is echoed by
     The Pawtucket Times, Monday 22nd April 1912
     The Bridgwater Mercury, April 1912