April 12, 1992

Art by Klaus Janson?    Note the bullet holes we punched in the paper - great idea by Carl Waluconis!

The Seattle Times published a follow-up article to this show.   Click here to read it.

July 11 & 12, 1992

Art by Russ Manning (we didn't have any Joe Kubert Tarzan art available at the time).   At the request of our dealers and customers, we expand to a two day show!   The new name was in hopes we'd be able to continue doing a multi-day show every year.  Unfortunately, we did not get the dealer participation we expected, and had to open our doors with less dealers than usual.   We did have good customer attendance, however, some of them were not happy with less dealers than normal.  For the very first time, we lost money on a show, effectively killing any plans for us to do a two day show in the future.

Following is the small convention booklet we printed up to hand out at the show.

October 11, 1992

Center Con 24 - Art by Aaron Lopresti

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