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Scarcity Rating Scale.

The Scarcity Rating Scale is based primarily on how available/unavailable books are on the new and used internet book sites. Some books are harder to find because they are found only on a lesser known site. In this situation, the book will be listed as Hard to Find with the reasoning that if you don't know about the site where the book is available, you can't find it. Hopefully in future versions of The Titanic Book, I will be able to include a 'where to find the book' section in the listings.

Please note that the Scarcity Rating listed with each title is For That Edition Only. If I list a first printing as 'scarce' that doesn't necessarily mean that more recent reprints are not much more easily found. For some of the titles, the difference in scarcity is wide enough that I have listed the reprint separately just to show that is much more common.

Common - Fairly Common - Hard to Find - Scarce - Very Scarce.

Easily available. Multiple copies available at all times, usually at a fairly wide range of prices, too.

Fairly Common:
Readily available. Shows up all the time, but usually with a smaller selection of copies. Less expensive copies will sell quickly, but usually there is still some range in prices available.

Hard to Find:
Usually, but not always available. Rarely will you find more than a few copies at any one time, and usually with less range in prices on those copies that are available.

Not consistently available, but it will typically show up on-line at least once every few months.

Very Scarce:
Rarely available. If you find it, and can afford it, ya better buy it as you are not likely to see another copy for a quite a while, perhaps as much as a year, perhaps longer!