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Recommended Sites.

Sites listed here include other Titanic bibliographic sites; author's websites, plus book search sites for new, used and bargain books. Non-book related sites include community sites, Titanic societies; and other general research and reference sites. Click on any of the following headings to jump to that section on the page.

Other Titanic Bibliographic Sites.

Fiona Nitschke's excellent site has reviews of around 200 books. Although she lists some of her favorite nonfiction books, her fascination is with Titanic fiction. Her site is the definitive one for books about fiction, poetry and plays, as well as childrens' books. As an added bonus, this is one of the most attractively constructed Titanic sites on the web. Not to be missed.

Jim Sadur's Titanic Website.
This is an excellent overall site about the Titanic story, with an emphasis on facts and figures. The book list is somewhat out of date, but still quite comprehensive. Of special note is what appears to be a comprehensive list of films on the subject.

The Titanic Reading Room.
Judy Lichtman's site covers a wide range of titles, and with an emphasis on editions that are still in print. Many of these books can be ordered directly through her site, as well.

Scott's Titanic Web Site.
Scott McIntyre is a private collector who has managed to acquire some of the hardest to find Titanic books (the lucky devil). His site has over 30 illustrations of books and ephemera in his collection.

Titanic Book Review.
Andrew Baines' site is an attempt to rate the quality of Titanic books. There is not a lot of content on-line yet. He lists what are, in his opinion, the ten best Titanic books, and welcomes feedback on his choices whether you agree with him or not!

Author's Websites.
Many of these sites furnished courtesy of fellow bibliographer extraordinaire, Fiona Nitschke.

Roy Anderson. Author of White Star.
Roger Bansemer. Author of Journey to Titanic (Due out in November, 2003).
Martin Barker. Author of From Antz to Titanic: A Student Guide to Film Analysis.
George Behe. Author of Titanic: Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy, Titanic: Safety, Speed and Sacrifice, and others.
Lanny Boutin. Author of Titanic the Canadian Connection.
Roy Brander. Author of on-line article "The Titanic Disaster: An Enduring Example of Money Management vs. Risk Management".
Diana Bristow Author of Titanic R.I.P., Can Dead Men Tell Tales?, Titanic: Sinking the Myths, and more. Her new website is Titanic Updates.
Dinah Burnett. Author of From Workhouse to Prison to ...... the Titanic?.
James Cameron. The official website for his new IMAX documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss. (You will need the Shockwave Flash plug-in to view this site).
Jack Chalker. Author of Dance Band on the Titanic (fiction).
Mark Chirnside. Author of The Olympic Class Ships, and RMS Olympic, Titanic’s Sister.
Jim Clary. Author of The Last True Story of Titanic, (and also a maritime artist).
Marty Crisp. Author of White Star. (children's book).
Clive Cussler. Author of Raise the Titanic. (fiction).
Jack Fritscher. Author of Titanic: Forbidden Stories Hollywood Forgot, The 4th Collection (fiction).
Robin Gardiner. Author of Riddle of the Titanic, Titanic the Ship that Never Sank, etc.
Dave Gittins. Author of the cd-rom Titanic: Monument and Warning.
Beatrice Gormley. Author of Travelers through Time: Back to the Titanic. (children's book).
Eileen Grimes. Author of Titanic Astrology.
David Haisman. Author of I'll See You in New York .... The Edith Haisman Story and of Raised on the Titanic.
Steve Hall & Bruce Beveridge. Authors of Titanic & Olympic, The Truth Behind the Conspiracy.
Cora Harrison. Author of The Titanic - Voyage from Drumshee. (children's book).
Richard Howells. Author of The Myth of the Titanic.
Cris Kohl. Author of Titanic: The Great Lakes Connections.
Mark Kozak-Holland. Author of On-Line, On-Time, On-Budget: Titanic Lessons for the e-Business Executive.
J. Kent Layton. Author of Atlantic Liners, A Trio of Trios.
Tracy M. Leininger. Author of Nothing Can Separate Us: The Story of Nan Harper.
Ken Marschall. Maritime artist. This site, Trans-Atlantic Designs, offers biographical info about Marschall, as well as being a retail site for his work.
Brian Massey. Author of The Revenants. (fiction).
Lee W. Meredith. Author of 1912 Facts About Titanic and Titanic Names. Note: Currently the site is under construction, with new content promised in the near future.
Senan Molony. Author of A Garbled Titantic.
Howard Nelson. Author of Titanic, A Date to Remember. A Diary of Events.
John Nolan. Author of In Search of Great Uncle Pat: Titanic Survivor.
Mary Pope Osborne. Author of Tonight on the Titanic. (children's book).
Peter Padfield. Author of The Titanic and the Californian.
Charles Pellegrino. Author of Her Name Titanic, Ghosts of the Titanic, etc.
Paul J. Quinn. Author of Titanic at Two A.M. and Dusk to Dawn.
Anne Robins (pseudonym of Alice Duncan). Author of A Perfect Stranger (fiction).
Michael Romkey. Author of Vampire Hunter. (fiction).
Eric Sauder. Co-author of The Titanic Collection: Mementos of the Maiden Voyage.
Jack Scoltock. Author of the White Star Line title We Own Laurentic. The Story of the Gold Ship.
Daisy Corning Spedden. Author of Polar the Titanic Bear. (children's book).
Danielle Steel. Author of No Greater Love. (fiction).
Susanne Störmer. Author of Goodbye, Good Luck: The Biography of William Murdoch, and William McMaster Murdoch, A Career at Sea, plus two titles in German as well. There are links for both German and English versions.
W.T. Stead. The W.T. Stead Resource Site is an excellent starting point for information about this influential writer and orator who died in the Titanic disaster.
Shelley Tanaka. Author of On Board the Titanic: What it was Like When the Great Liner Sank. (children's book).
Craig O. Thompson. Author of Omar (fiction).
Lynda Wilson. Author of The Virtual Zone books, including Titanic’s Race to Disaster. (children's book).

Book Search Engine Sites.

These are the sites that specialize in searching multiple new and used internet book sites. The two big players right now are and They have the strength of listing copies of books from many sites all on one page. By sorting the results by price, you can easily find the best books and the very cheapest prices. Most of the major book sites are searched by both AddAll & Bookfinder, but each also searches several sites the other does not include. To really cover the territory, it is best to run your search on both sites when you can. Book Search Engines are your friends. Use them wisely. Used Books
AddAll has become my favorite search engine. It has two separate engines for searching, one for used books and one for books in-print. AddAll's used search engine is very powerful, with extensive search refinement options, plus it returns searches very quickly. There is also a very useful option to pick and choose which sites you want to search. It searches some sites that does not. The link will take you directly to their search page. New Books
AddAll has a separate page for new book searches. This link will take you directly to their In-Print book search page, which searches 35 on-line bookstores, like, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.
Bookfinder is another excellent multi-site search engine. Unlike AddAll, Bookfinder searches new and used sites simultaneously. For a while the site seemed to have a problem with searches going very slowly, but these issues seem to have been resolved. I would still like to see an option of picking and choosing which sites to search, but so far that is not an option on Bookfinder. The site still has excellent search parameters to help you refine your search request, and it still includes sites that AddAll does not. The link will take you directly to the site's search page.
This is a new multi-site search engine. It searches both new and out-of-print book sites simultaneously. It automatically sorts all the sites by price and even includes shipping costs, so you can easily find the best price possible. If it's your thing, the site also finds movies, music and games as well. The link will take you to the site's search page.

Individual Out of Print Book Sites, North America. (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America).
The ABAA is the most prestigious professional association of out-of-print booksellers in the U.S. This link will take you directly to their book search page.
I list this most famous of on-line auction sites with more than a few reservations. This is definitely a 'buyer beware' site. Books on eBay are often described incorrectly and/or incompletely. Even worse, most of the time the condition of books is consistently overrated. This is not from anyone's intent to defraud 99% of the time, but rather from a lack of experience in describing books on the seller's part. Still, many scarce books show up on eBay that just don't show up anywhere else. This link will take you right to eBay's search page.

Individual Out of Print Book Sites Around the World.

(Australia & New Zealand). BiblioOz. (Biblioquest International).
A search engine for the Australian market. This link will take you directly to their advanced search page. The text is in Australian (just kidding).

(Britain & Europe). ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers).
The European counterpart to the ABAA, listed above. ILAB booksellers maintain the highest professional and ethical standards, just like their ABAA cousins. This link will take you directly to the site's home page.

Chapitre is actually a search engine for all French language countries, not just France. It deals in both new and used books. This link will take you to their home page. The text is in French (go figure!).

Akaikutsu is a search engine for the Japanese market. This link will take you to their home page. You are on your own after that!

Individual New Book Sites.

Titanic Historical Society.
The first, and oldest, society dedicated to preserving the story of the Titanic. THS has a catalog of books for sale including some titles they publish exclusively. Many books with smaller print runs can be found here as well. This link will take you directly to their home page, then click on the THS Oceanliner Store tab.
Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 10 years, you know about this popular on-line bookstore. Still one of the best sites to hunt for new books. This link will take you right to their book search page.

Barnes &
Not as well known as Amazon's site, Barnes & Noble actually has a much larger in-stock inventory. Well worth a check. This link will take you directly to their book search page. UK.
Many books on the subject are published in Great Britain. Many of these also get published in the U.S., but some do not. UK is definitely worth searching separately. This link will take you right to their book search page.

WH Smith On-Line.
This British book site stocks some titles on the Titanic that UK doesn't seem to carry. This link will take you directly to their advanced search page.

British National Archives. (Formerly the Public Record Office).
The publishing branch for British government publications. This link will take you directly to their home page.

Bargain Book Sites.

These are sites that specialize in closeouts and remainders, usually at bargain basement prices. Very often books ordered from these sites will have remainder marks on the edges of the pages. These sites also tend to have very limited search parameters. Actual selection in any one topic tends to be rather spotty, but sometimes you can hit on some real winners as well.
This site also has quite basic search options; allowing you to search by title, author, isbn or publisher. The link will take you to their home page.
This link will take you to their 'power' search page, which is actually pretty good for a bargain book site.

Titanic Community Sites.

Encyclopedia Titanica.
One of the best all around sites with an emphasis on the biographies of Titanic's passengers and crew. It also has a dynamic message board with ongoing discussions on just about every aspect of Titanic's story. Quite a number of authors and serious on-line researchers post here on a regular basis.

Titanic Titanic!
Another wonderful site, packed with useful information, that also has a vibrant message board with ongoing discussions. This site is generally more fan based overall than Encyclopedia Titanica, on the other hand, it seems to encourage a more closely knit, community spirited atmosphere amongst its members.

Titanic Societies.

Belfast Titanic Society. (Formerly the Ulster Titanic Society).
The society based in Titanic's birthplace. They put out a journal, the CQD; and also have a short selection of items for sale. This link will take you to their home page.

British Titanic Society.
This group doesn't have a webpage yet. They can be reached at the following address: PO Box 401, Hope Carr Way, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 3WW, England. Their journal is the Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Canadian Titanic Society.
This group is based in Ontario. They publish a quarterly journal called The Wireless. According to the society's founder, Norm Lewis, CTS is the only Titanic society in the world, to place a memorial plaque on the deck of the ill-fated liner, R.M.S. Titanic, in memory of all the lost souls.

Great Lakes Titanic Society.
Not a formal society, but a group of local enthusiasts with interests in Titanic, Great Lakes maritime history.

Irish Titanic Historical Society.
A society based in Dublin. It puts out the White Star Journal three times a year. Update, as of October, 2004, their website is no longer on-line. A local source informs me that the society is no longer active.

Titanic Historical Society.
Already listed above under new book sites, THS is the great granddaddy of Titanic historical societies. It has been active for almost 40 years and has a membership of 8,000 globally. They put out a fabulous quarterly publication, The Titanic Commutator.

Titanic International Society.
Another major society based in the U.S. TIS was founded in 1989. They have a spectacular website, well worth checking out. They publish a quarterly journal called Voyage.

Titanic and Steamship Historical Society, Inc.
A society based in Australia.

Titanic Reference and Research Sites.

All at Sea by Dave Gittins. The author's website on two of his favorite seafaring topics, Titanic and sailing Australia's wild West Coast.

Atlantic by J. Kent Layton. Research and history on three of the most influential lines on the Atlantic Run: Cunard, White Star and Hapag.

Great Ships by Jeff Newman, with narrative by Mark Baber. Newman's massive collection of postcards and ephemera on ocean liners. A stunning reference combining images from the author's collection with Baber's well researched commentary.

Marconi Titanic Messages by The Marconi Calling Museum.
This website is a digital archive of the first 50 years of wireless from 1896 to 1946. The Titanic page of the site features original Marconigrams which were sent shortly before, during and immediately after the disaster. by Parks Stephenson (formerly The Cunard-White Star Research Forum).
Fascinating research articles by a variety of authors. Stephenson's specialty is the Marconi Wireless as it was found on Titanic.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Titanic Research Page.
The site for Nova Scotia's fascinating maritime museum, based in Halifax, Canada.

The North Atlantic Run by Eric Sauder.
Fascinating site by one of today's top maritime historians. Besides White Star, the site also covers Cunard, Holland America, the Italian, and United States lines, with more to come.

On Watch. The Deck Officers and Wireless Operators of the R.M.S. Titanic by Jemma Hyder and Inger Sheil.
A site that focuses on the biographies of Titanic's officers and wireless men.

RMS Titanic, Inc.
The site of the company who for the last several years has had exclusive salvage rights to the Titanic wreck.

The Titanic and the Mystery Ship, the Californian Incident by David Billnitzer.
An on-line account of the Californian's role in the Titanic disaster with a focus on the testimony given at both inquiries as well as other original sources.

Titanic Incorporated.
Primarily a retail site for books, souvenirs, models, replicas and other goodies. It also sells official Harland & Wolff clothing.

The Titanic Inquiry Project by Rob Ottmers.
The complete texts of both the U.S. Senate Inquiry and the British Board of Trade Enquiry.

Titanic Nautical Resource Center.
A research site combining articles, information and images about Titanic and other nautical related subjects.

Titanic Newspaper Archive. by
Search newspaper articles about Titanic in more than 15,000 historical newspaper pages. These are actual photocopies of the newspaper pages, which you can download in pdf format. Image quality is not always as clear as it could be, but for the most part they are readable.

Titanic Research and Modeling Association by Sean Winterberg.
A site devoted to the research of Olympic class liners and other great ships of the past. It is also a tremendous site on modeling from amateur to professional.

Bill Wormstedt's Titanic Site by Bill Wormstedt.
Another site with contributions by various authors on a number of interesting topics. The author has an extensive discussion about whether or not an officer committed suicide, and who it might have been. The invaluable Index to the book Titanic Voices can also be found here.

The Wreck of RMS Titanic Site by Roy Mengot.
The most awesome scratchbuilt models of the wreck ever created. Take a virtual dive and explore the remains of the great ship yourself.