From the April 19, 1912 edition of the New York Times, page 4:

"Dr. J. F. Kemp's Account

"A boy and one of the last of the children to be taken from the Titanic told me that he saw Capt. Smith put a pistol to his head then fall down."

The passenger on the Carpathia who told this last night to a New York Times reporter was Dr. J. F. Kemp of the University of the Phillipines at Manila. He was starting on the last lap in a tour of the world when his ship was called by wireless. Dr. Kemp was a surgeon in the United States Army service before becoming a medical instructor in the university.

"Of course," he said, "I cannot tell whether the boy told me the truth, but it seems to me hard to believe that the little fellow would invent such a tale. I was talking with him on the deck of
the Carpathia when he voluntarily told me."

"Was there any other report to substantiate it?" he was asked.  "A number of passengers spoke of the use of pistols and the firing of shots," he replied, "but we were all too busy with the rescued and those who suffered from exposure to follow up any investigation of that sort."