(from Sinking of the Titanic: Eyewitness Accounts, published in 1912)
        (courtesy of Daniel Parkes)

"Nearly all the passengers had retired when the crash came, about twenty-minutes passed 10 o’clock. The liner was struck on the starboard side, near the bow. The bow, it seemed, withstood the crash, but water rushed into several compartments at the same time.

There was complete order among the passengers and crew. We really didn’t think there was any danger. We were assured that the ship would float and that there were plenty vessels in reach of wireless to come to our aid of that should become necessary.

Then the sinking of the Titanic by the head began and the crew was ordered to man the boats. There was no panic. The officers told the men to stand back and they obeyed. A few men were ordered into the boats.  Two men who attempted to rush beyond the restraint line were shot down by an officer who then turned the revolver on himself. I could see Mrs. Isador Straus. She clung to her husband and refused to leave him.

We floated for four hours until we were picked up. Mr.Ismay left the Titanic on a small boat.

I did not see the iceberg. When we got into the boat she was gone.

As the Titanic went down, Major Archibald Butt was standing on the deck.  I saw him.