The following account courtesy of Inger Sheil:

The Evening Star (Washington DC)
April 22, 1912

Miss Mary Davis Tells of Murdock’s Suicide on Titanic

New York, April 22 - Miss Mary Davis of Tottenville, Staten Island, who is one of the survivors of the Titanic catastrophe, has fully recovered from the shock. Many of the residents of Tottenville called at her home and congratulated her on her escape.

Miss Davis spoke particularly of the bravery of Col. John Jacob Astor and Maj. Archibald Butt. She told of seeing them running about the deck, assisting women and children into lifeboats and holding back men passengers who tried to be rescued. She also told of seeing First Officer Murdoch commit suicide by shooting.

She said she was awakened when the liner struck the berg and ran out of her stateroom to the deck, clad only in a nightdress and a light jacket. She explained how she and others were placed in lifeboats and lowered into the water. She said that after she was placed in a lifeboat she was shoved overboard, but was quickly rescued by one of the sailors who manned the boat. She said she was unconscious when taken aboard the Carpathia and remained in that condition for many hours.